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The Beauty of Turtle Graphics – An illustrated Introduction

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The book is self-published as an e-book (PDF, 193 pages, continuous four-color printing). The book is available free of charge. But you can honor my work with a donation that will go 100% to the german section of Fridays for Future (for a print version see the note below). The book can only be ordered by e-mail from the following address:

  1. For the avoidance of spam obscured with brackets:     jo [dot] wedekind [at-sign] t [minus] online [dot] de
  2. Indicate in the subject „Turtle Graphics“.
  3. The order confirmation will be sent by e-mail and contains the link to download the PDF file.
  4. The email also contains information about donating via PayPal (other payment options on request).

Note: A print edition is not offered by me because of the printing, financial and organizational effort. If you want to print the book yourself, please note that the layout is DIN A5, double-sided.